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Millennial project

The Church Institute for Research and Advanced Training is involved in the strategic Millenniaali (“Millennial”) Project (2021–2022), funded by the General Synod and based on the observations made by the Church Institute in its the four-year report on the alienation of those born in the 1980s and younger people from traditional models for being a member of the church. The responsibility for the project rests with the Department of Education and Family Affairs of the Church Council’s Functional Department.

As part of the Millennial Project, an academic publication on the subject will be produced. The collection of articles will include new writings by leading experts in the field, discussing, among other things, the religiosity and non-religiosity of the Y and Z generations, as well as new theological interpretations of topical international debate. The article collection will be published in spring 2023 in the Research Series of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Of the Church's Institute for Research and Advanced Training, the project team includes Senior Specialist Jyri KomulainenThe link opens in a new tab.

More information: Millennial project websiteThe link opens in a new tab