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Four-year report of the Church 

We publish a periodic four-year report on the activities and timely topics concerning the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The four-year report is commissioned by the General Synod. 

The following materials are compiled for the writing of the report: 

  • The Gallup Ecclesiastica survey study mapping the religiosity and values of the Finnish population, conducted as a true representative sample of the population 
  • Surveys directed at Church employees and elected officials
  • Parish surveys intended to map out the activities and policies of the parishes and parish unions 

Additionally, the Church’s activity and membership statistics, and documents produced by the National Church Council are utilised for the writing of the four-year report. 

The four-year report is published in two parts: 

  • Review of the Church’s fields of work, written by experts of the Church Council (Finnish, Swedish)
  • A research report that examines a defined theme area in more depth, written by researchers of the Church Research Institute (Finnish, Swedish, English)

The four-year report for the period of 2016–2019The link opens in a new tab was published in FinnishThe link opens in a new tab in autumn 2020, in SwedishThe link opens in a new tab in spring 2021, and in EnglishThe link opens in a new tab in autumn 2021.

Read also the summary of the research report.The link opens in a new tab