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Communications and collaboration

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Communications in parishes

The Church is – for its essence, mission and activities – a communicative community. The Gospel means ‘good tidings’ and signifies the significance of Jesus’ life and work.  Originally, the Church began from the mission to spread the Gospel, the good message. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has defined its mission as follows: to preach the word of God in accordance with the confession of the Church, to administer the sacraments, and in other ways to spread the Christian Gospel and promote the realisation of neighbourly love, as provided in the Church Act (Kirkkolaki 1054/1993, Section 1, paragraph 2).  

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and its parishes are communities under public law, and as such, they are required to comply with the principles of transparency and publicity, and to pursue active communications. Various provisions concerning the communications are included in the Church Act, Church Ordinance and the Act on Openness in Government Activities.

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Parishes as co-operative partners

Many of the parish activities are implemented in collaboration with other players. Central co-operative partners include, in particular, the various municipal services and administrative sectors, as well as non-governmental organisations. The graphics illustrate the co-operation of the parishes with municipalities and organisations, first at the general level and then in more detail for specific activities.  The main focus is on educational work, where the parishes are most actively collaborating with other educational organisations.

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