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The Emergence of Nones: Authority – Diversity – Complexity


A seminar organized by the Nordic research network Complexity and Beyond in Studies of Religiosity in the Nordic Countries (CBSR)

October 14th 2021, Church House, Eteläranta, Helsinki


Assoc. Prof. Peter B. Andersen (Univ. of Copenhagen): Opening of the seminar

Prof. Inger Furseth (Univ. of Oslo): Religious complexity: conceptual challenges and the way ahead.

Prof. Lisbet Christoffersen (Roskilde Univ.): How the current Nordic legal systems structure being nones, compared to the legal structuring of minority- and majority religious individuals and groups.

Prof. Kati Tervo-Niemelä (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Raising the nones: transmission of (non)religious cultures in families

Prof. Björn Vikström (Åbo Akademi): How religious communities adapt to the societal and legal changes