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Educational work in parishes

Work among children, the youth and families plays a central role within the Church, although the number of children and adolescents participating in the collective parish work has declined. The parishes are increasingly investing in collaboration with early-childhood education services, schools and educational institutes. In addition, parishes also have, in many different ways, endeavoured to respond to the declining popularity of baptism by keeping in touch with families with children.

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Religious education

In the Gallup Ecclesiastica survey carried out in autumn 2015 among the general population in Finland, the Church Research Institute investigated views on religious education at schools and attitudes regarding the provision of common teaching of religions and ethics/worldviews (or ‘life stance education’). The survey was assigned by the Church Research Institute to Taloustutkimus Oy and was conducted using an Internet panel. A total of 4,194 respondents participated during the period 23 October–2 November 2015. The target population comprised the general population in Finland aged 15–79 years.

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