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General about our publications

From 2022, we publish only one series of publications, Suomen ev.-lut. kirkon tutkimusjulkaisujaResearch Publications of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, whose publications are always made both an online version and a print version. The previous Church Research Institute (1969-2021) had three series of publications: Kirkon tutkimuskeskuksen julkaisuja, Kirkon tutkimuskeskuksen verkkojulkaisuja, and The Publications series (in English).

Click here to access the National Church Council’s publication databaseThe link opens in a new tab, where you can search our publications using a keyword or serial number, starting from the year 2003.  To browse the list of older publications, click here.The link opens in a new tab The publication database provides links to the online shopThe link opens in a new tab from where you can buy our more recent publications (from 2014 onwards).

If you have any queries concerning our publications, please send e-mail to tutkimustilaus@evl.fi.