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Growing into a Church employee

The Church's research participates in the implementation of projects within the Kasvu kirkon työntekijäksi (Growing into a Church employee) research entity. In 2021–2022, a research project titled Maisterista papiksi (Master turned pastor) is under way. It examines the career paths of students graduating from theological faculties and the significance and changes in pursuing a pastor’s career. The project is led by the Department of Theology of the University of Eastern Finland and involves actors from the University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi University, the dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the National Church Council.

The Maisterista papiksi research project is part of a series of longitudinal studies, which has previously studied the development of the professional identity of students of the Church’s youth services, diaconal work, theology, early childhood education and care and family activities. 

In 2016–2019, the research institute participated in the research project Kirkon musiikin ammattilaisena kasvaminen (Growth as a professional of Church music), focusing on the professional identity of cantors and other church music workers. Researcher Veli‑Matti Salminen participated in the project.