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Diaconal work

 For more information: Church Institute for Research and Advanced Training, ktk@evl.fi

The Church’s diaconal work

Traditionally, the Church carries out diaconal work to help and support those in need of assistance and aid. Through diaconal work, love for fellow human beings and fairness are being realised as expressions of Christian faith.

The Church Ordinance states as follows: “It is the duty of parishes and their membership to carry out diaconal work, the purpose of which is to provide assistance based on Christian love especially for those who are in the greatest need and who are not helped in any other way.”

The graphics present diaconal work in 2015.

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Assistance for asulym seekers as provided by parishes

In autumn 2015, the number of asylum seekers coming to Finland increased drastically.  Over 32,000 asylum seekers arrived in Finland by the end of the year. The refugee crisis created a willingness to help in parishes across Finland, and the parishes contributed in many ways to the reception of and support for those coming into the country.  

In January–March 2016, the Church Research Institute conducted a survey among the parishes to investigate the ways in which they had responded to the growing number of refugees and asylum seekers in 2015. The questionnaire was sent to all the 412 parishes, of which 409 submitted responses.  

The questionnaire was part of the larger statistical survey intended to collect material on the parishes for the four-year activity report of the Church.  Assigned by the General Synod every four years, the Church Research Institute draws up an activity report for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The four-year activity report for 2012–2015 was published in November 2016.

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