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The Church Pension Fund takes sustainability factors into consideration in all asset classes. Every asset class involves different methods and possibilities to include sustainability factors as part of the investment process.

Sustainability issues are considered in the investment activities of the Pension Fund as part of investment decisions. Often, the ideal moment to influence the operational principles of an asset manager and the investment fund in question, is during the investment phase and related negotiations. During the investment phase, it is also important to identify the legal form and country of registration of the investment object. For example, the tax liability of the asset manager is assessed by examining whether the country of registration of the fund is committed to joining the OECD's Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI).

After the investment phase, the Pension Fund continuously seeks to promote the knowledge and skills of asset managers by enquiring on and discussing their sustainability practices at meetings. The annual ESG questionnaire of the Pension Fund serves as a monitoring and feedback tool and covers investments in all asset classes. If the asset manager or investment fund does not meet the sustainability requirements set by the Pension Fund, or if there are open questions related to sustainability work, the Investment Unit will initiate an engagement dialogue with the asset manager.