The blessing of home

A home is usually blessed after a move or when a couple establishes their first home together.

The blessing may be combined with a housewarming party or a child’s christening, or it may be held in connection with a wedding or any other special occasion. Holiday homes and other properties can also be blessed.

Order of service for the blessing of a home

  • Opening hymn or other music
  • Introduction (including opening blessing and introductory words)
  • Psalm or hymn
  • Scripture reading
  • Response (hymn, song or instrumental piece)
  • Homily
  • Hymn or song
  • Prayers continue (including the blessing and intercessions)
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Hymn of thanksgiving
  • Blessing
  • Concluding music

When held in conjunction with a christening or another occasion, the blessing of a home may take place during the intercessions, and the introductory words, choice of scripture reading, hymns and prayers will be tailored accordingly.

In multicultural homes, the blessing may be done in different languages, and it may also be ecumenical. The officiant is usually a pastor, but it may also be a parish worker or parishioner.

The different elements of the service may be shared among the participants. Family members and friends may lead the intercessions and read, and the intercessions may be drawn up with especially appropriate themes in mind. An altar may be made by covering a table with a white cloth, on which may be placed a Bible and a cross, along with flowers and a candle. In place of the opening hymn, a children’s hymn or song may be sung.

white clothed parents with a toddler
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