The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland belongs to the western branch of Christianity. Here are some key dates in our history:

  • c. 1000–1200 Christian burial customs are adopted in Finland
  • 1155 Bishop Henry arrives
  • 1300 The Turku Cathedral is consecrated
  • 1488 The Missale Aboense is published
  • 1507–1557 The life of Mikael Agricola, the Finnish reformer
  • 1548 The New Testament is translated into Finnish
  • 1642 The complete Finnish Bible is now translated
  • 1809 Finland becomes part of the Russian Empire
  • 1817 The Bishop of Turku is made Archbishop
  • 1869 The new church law is passed
  • 1917 Finland gains its independence
  • 1923 The Freedom of Religion Act is passed
  • 1988 The first women are ordained as pastors
  • 1996 The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland signs the Porvoo Agreement
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