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Parish elections

Parish elections are held every four years, with the next elections coming up in November 2022. In parish elections, Church members in approximately 367 parishes elect a total of roughly 8000 representatives that begin their four-year term after the elections.

Parish elections are first and foremost local elections that govern decision-making in your parish: how will money be allocated, what activities will be offered, who will receive assistance, and where and how?

Parish elections allow parishioners to choose the people who represent them in planning parish activities for the following four years. Ideally, those elected represent a range of ages, fields and experience.

One or two elections?

Representatives are elected to one or two administrative bodies, depending on how the parish is organised:

If a parish is financially independent, parish council members are elected in one election. In an independent parish, the parish council is the parish’s highest decision-making body.

If a parish belongs to a parish union, two elections are held. In one election, representatives are elected to the parish board, the executive body of the parish, and, in the other, to the parish union board, the executive body of the parish union. Separate candidate lists are compiled for both elections, and candidates can choose to run in either one or both elections.