Central administration

The central administration of the Church comprises the General Synod, the Church Council, the Bishops’ Conference and the Commission for Church Employers.

The General Synod is the highest decision-making body of the Church. It is responsible for the Church’s doctrine and mission, Church law, and administration and finance.

The Church Council directs the Church’s administration, finances and operations. It is responsible for the implementation of the General Synod’s decisions and for Church relations with the state.

The Bishops’ Conference deals with issues relating to doctrine and mission, along with diocesan administration and related matters. It also drafts proposals and issues statements on behalf of the General Synod and the Church Council.

The Commission for Church Employers is responsible for negotiating on behalf of Church employers and for negotiating the conditions of employment of officials and employees in the service of the Church. It is charged with ensuring that salaries and other conditions of service contracts conform to both national norms and the financial and operational requirements of the Church. The Commission is recognised as one of Finland’s central labour market organisations, which means it functions as the Church’s representative in labour- and market-related matters within the Church and at the national level in reaching sector-level collective agreements.

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