Do I have a say?

You can influence the activities and decision-making in your parish by voting at parish and vicar elections.

Parishioners can also propose motions to parish bodies. If you wish to submit a motion, do so in writing to the parish office, which will then process it. If a motion falls within the remit of the parish’s council, the board will prepare the matter for the council to consider.

If the motion concerns the entire Church, it may proceed all the way to the General Synod, our highest decision-making body. Such motions are considered by the parish’s board first, then by the diocesan council, and finally by the General Synod.

You can make your voice heard at parish elections, which are held every four years, next time 2026. Parishioners are eligible to vote at the age of 16 and to stand for election at 18.

You can also participate in your parish’s work by volunteering. For more information about how you can help, please contact your parish.

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