Why be a member?

The Church is with you in important life events: asking for God’s blessing for a child in baptism, joining two people in holy matrimony, or offering consolation when a loved one passes away.

Church services offer a respite from a hectic life. The services also offer you chance to volunteer in your parish.

Our work with children and young people is a visible part of everyday life in parishes. Parishes organise clubs, camps and many other activities for children and young people. To learn more and take part, contact your parish.

Many forms of social work originate with the Church, and we continue to offer help and support at the face of adversity and hardship. Our church social workers also assist in financial issues.

We also preserve culture. The elaborate decorations, items and artworks in our churches are a key part of Finland’s cultural heritage. In many towns, the Church is indeed the most valuable and most loved building. Regardless of faith or church membership, everyone is also welcome to be buried in the local parish cemetery.

Our wide-scale music activities are excellent for every music lover, from beginners to those with perfect pitch.

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