Diocean administration

In each diocese, there is a diocesan chapter and an operational department that share the responsibility for administration.

The chapter members include the bishop as the chair, the cathedral dean, two pastor assessors, one legal assessor, a notary, the diocesan dean and one lay member. Each diocesan chapter leads and supervises the work of its parishes, and recruits and appoints assistant parish pastors.

A parish visitation is an inspection of the activities and finances of a parish. Visitations are arranged roughly once every ten years and conducted under the leadership of the bishop. During such visitations, parishioners are given an opportunity to present their views about the parish’s work at a meeting attended by the bishop.

A diocese’s operational department is led by the diocesan dean, under whose direction diocesan secretaries work in the fields of education, diaconal and pastoral work, immigration and mission. The diocesan secretaries support, coordinate and facilitate parish work. They also offer training services to parishes.

Each diocesan council comprises fourteen lay representatives and seven clergy representatives; the chair is a lay member. Members of a diocesan chapter are entitled to attend and speak at council meetings.

Each diocesan council adopts the annual diocesan operational and financial plans, along with the budget and the previous year’s accounts and report, which it sends to the General Synod. It also establishes and terminates job positions in the diocesan chapter and can establish committees to report to it. The council also considers proposals from parishes, its own members and the diocesan chapter, and can forward them to the General Synod.

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