Students and young adults

Studying and life’s daily chores offer their own troubles and joys for the young. The Church is there for you: your parish’s youth worker is available to listen and chat.

Finland also has a vibrant ecumenical youth scene. The Finnish Ecumenical Council has its own youth committee and it organises Ketko, a successful ecumenical youth training programme.

Theology can be studied at three Finnish universities: the University of Helsinki, whose faculty is home to 1,600 undergraduates and 400 postgraduates; the Åbo Academy in Turku, whose programme is in Swedish; and the University of Eastern Finland, whose programme is hosted at the Joensuu campus. Although these degree programmes are not denominational, many graduates are ordained to the Lutheran Church.

The Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, which is affiliated with the Church, hosts about 3,000 students and offers degree programmes in diaconal work, social work, youth work, nursing, media studies and sign language. Many programmes are offered in English. Roughly 40% of the students gain dual qualifications that provide employment opportunities in both secular and church-based social and youth work.

Our youth work offers something for everyone. Contact your local parish to find out what’s going on!

Young people reading the Bible.
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