Multiculturalism and interfaith relations

Until the 1980s, Finland was a largely homogenous society, but has since grown more colourful and multicultural.

Thanks to this change, a wide range of Christian denominations are now active in the capital area and in other larger cities and towns. As part of the universal church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland welcomes Christians of all backgrounds to its worship and activities and works in partnership with congregations of other traditions.

We have also made efforts to offer services, activities and pastoral support in various languages, among them Arabic, Chinese, English, Estonian and Russian. Parishes can often offer a place for a group to worship, organise or host Bible study groups and arrange other activities in a particular language. In many parishes, staff and members actively engage with Christians of other denominations and facilitate their activities.

In Finland, Christianity has been joined by a growing number of other religious traditions. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is committed to dialogue with their leaders and representatives in order to foster mutual understanding and to develop and strengthen an interfaith approach to peace, justice and environmental issues.

As a result of this growing diversity in Finnish society, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has issued guidelines for arranging both ecumenical and interfaith ceremonies. For more information, contact your local parish.

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