We are here to support families and help equip you to face the challenges of modern life.


Family clubs enable parents to meet each other and discuss parenting issues. The meetings are held on weekday mornings and afternoons once or twice a week, and they last an hour or two. The family clubs include a range of programmes for both children and adults.

Parishes also organise daycare clubs for children aged 3–6 on weekday mornings and afternoons for up to three hours at a time. These clubs are always supervised by a trained nursery teacher.

At the end of the school day, parishes offer afternoon clubs for first- and second-graders. Many parishes also host Brownie units and Scout troops.

For more information about the clubs, contact your parish office.

Children dressed in rain gear in the forest.

Sunday school

At Sunday school, children learn how to worship, pray and be still, and to feel secure in God’s loving care. They learn Bible stories, sing, do handicrafts, draw and play in sessions that usually last about an hour.

Although Sunday school is offered for children from the age of four, the whole family is welcome to join. Sometimes, Sunday school can coincide with the sermon at the Eucharist.

If you are new to Finland, Sunday school has the added benefit that it provides a natural environment for your child to learn Finnish and make friends.

Most parishes offer Sunday school. For more information, contact your parish office.

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