Global network

The vision of the Ministry to Finns abroad is to be a part of the global network that works for expatriates and tourists in Finland and abroad and to offer support in times of change. The Ministry to Finns abroad operates in 37 countries, with the largest Finnish communities in Sweden, the USA, Spain, Canada, Germany and Australia.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland offers the Ministry to Finns abroad in collaboration with local Christians, local sister churches, other Finnish communities and Finnish consulates. The Finland Society, the Migration Insitute of Finland, the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and our mission agencies are also close partners.


Volunteers are the ministry’s carrying force. They are local expatriates who dedicate their time and effort and who work alongside some 160 full-time employees from local Lutheran churches, the Church Council, the Church’s mission agencies (in 13 countries) and the Finnish Seamen’s Mission (in six countries).


The work mainly relies on fundraising, but the Ministry to Finns abroad also supports congregations with grants. Most staff members are employed by local sister churches.

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