Human rights

The Christian faith affirms that every human being is made in the image of God and has an inherent value that affects how people should be treated.

In their daily work, parishes and Christian organisations defend the fundamental dignity of humanity. This is especially evident in the various forms of diaconal work. Indeed, diaconal work is human rights work by its very nature: it steps in to support those in the greatest need and seeks to influence decision-making about the issues affecting society.

The Finnish Ecumenical Council has established a Responsibility Week campaign that focus on international human rights. The campaign has a different theme each year, with events organised by member churches and organisations. Among other issues, the campaign themes have highlighted the challenges faced by refugees. In recent years, the Church has sought to combat human trafficking both through this campaign and its ongoing international rights work. The coercion of human beings for profit is a sin against human dignity.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland seeks to apply these principles as the foundation of its approach to issues of justice.

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