Parish elections will be held on 20 November 2022

Parish elections are held every four years. The next election will be held on 20 November 2022, with advance voting taking place on 8–12 November. Church members in 378 parishes will elect a total of roughly 8000 representatives in these elections.

Parish elections are first and foremost local elections that allow parishioners to choose the people who represent them in planning parish activities for the next four years. The elections are your chance to influence the future of your parish.

You can vote in parish elections if you are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and have turned 16 on or before the day of the election. Confirmation preparation or confirmation itself are not required: Church membership is enough. To vote this year, you must be a Church member or become one by 15 August 2022. 

What do the representatives do?

Elected representatives work together with parish workers to help make decisions, come up with ideas for parish activities and events, as well as further develop parish activities.

  • The duties of representatives include the following:
  • Representing parish members in decision-making
  • Ensuring adequate resources for parish activities
  • Promoting transparency in decision-making and communications
  • Choosing new parish employees
  • Offering their expertise to the parish
  • Promoting a positive public image of the Church
  • Nominating lay members to the General Synod
  • Participating in the election of their diocese’s bishops

Who can stand for election?

You can stand in the next election if you have turned 18 on or before 20 November 2022 and are a parish member. You must also give your written consent to stand for election and be known for your Christian conviction, which can be expressed in different ways by different people. If you would like to run for representative, please contact your parish. Nomination of candidates is open until 15 September.

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