Conversations and agreements (toimitettava)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is in altar and pulpit fellowship with member churches of the Lutheran World Federation.

Conversations with the Russian Orthodox Church began in 1970, deepening mutual understanding and giving important theological and ecumenical impulses, both nationally and internationally, for example through Finnish Luther research. Teologinen dialogi on toistaiseksi keskeytynyt. Discussions have been held with the Finnish Orthodox Church since 1989. The ELCF participates in the Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission.

The ELCF has actively contributed to Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogue, playing a major role in the drafting of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (1999).  A dialogue between the ELCF and the Catholic Church in Finland concluded in 2017 with the publication of the dialogue report Communion in Growth. Declaration on the Church, Eucharist, and Ministry (2017).

Dialogue with the Church of England began in the 1920s, resulting in limited intercommunion in 1936. Relations with Anglicans developed further after the war, culminating in the signing of the Porvoo Declaration in 1996, when the ELCF joined the Communion of Porvoo churches. In addition to establishing altar and pulpit fellowship, member churches commit themselves “to regard baptized members of all our churches as members of our own”.

Eucharistic hospitality has been in place with the (Presbyterian) Church of Scotland since 1956, and altar and pulpit fellowship on the basis of a cooperation agreement with the Evangelical Church in Germany since 2002. 

The ELCF has regular bilateral contacts with the Evangelical Free Church of Finland and the Finnish Pentecostal Movement. Since 1997, theological dialogue has also taken place with Finnish and Swedish-speaking Baptist churches.

Conversations with the Finnish and Swedish-speaking Methodist churches began in 2002, concluding in the autumn of 2007 with the publication of the document "Partakers of Christ", which established the doctrinal consensus necessary for an agreement on altar and pulpit fellowship and mutual recognition of ministries adopted by the General Synod in May 2010.