The Christian instruction of both children and adults is called catechesis. Much of the church's catechesis is centred on preparing people for confirmation - but teaching doesn't stop there: learning never stops!

During confirmation instruction, which is offered for both adults and young people, the Bible is studied and questions about God discussed. Confirmed members of churches in communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland can join their local Lutheran parish without being reconfirmed, and this may also be the case for members of other denominations. You can get advice about this, and about instruction for both Baptism and confirmation, from your parish office. You can also attend confirmation classes if you don't wish to join the church but are simply interested in learning more about it.

Parishes and Christian organisations also organise Bible studies and Alpha courses, and in some parishes it is possible to arrange individual tuition – which is usually free of charge.

You'll get further information about all the catechesis offered locally from your parish office. 

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