Small leaves in spring.


Creation is an expression of God's self-emptying love, a gift for which we are called to care, but which too often we take for granted and misuse.

As stewards of creation, God calls us to share in the urgent challenge of healing its wounds. Since the 1980s, environmental issues have been of key concern in the church's work. In the face of the many threats to the environment, the church calls Christian communities to embrace change and ecological responsibility in their daily life.

Three principles form the basis of the church's approach to the environ


We are called:

  • to express gratitude for God's gifts

  • to have respect for life and God’s creation

  • to live moderately.

The church's environment diploma, which has now been awarded to more than 100 parishes, gives practical guidelines to assist in putting more eco-friendly practices in place. It encourages the undertaking of a comprehensive evaluation of waste management and cleaning, the maintenance of camp centres, offices, cemeteries and forests, and of how awareness of environmental issues can be raised.

June 2008 saw the publication of the church's climate programme, a comprehensive and detailed policy document that sets forth the church's commitment to this, the most important issue faced by humanity.