Funeral checklist

  • messages of condolence to loved ones
  • burial permit (issued by doctor)
  • pastor, time and place of funeral, burial plot (all reserved at the parish office)
  • arrangements with the cemetery
  • planning the service
  • meeting with the pastor
  • service leaflet (to be discussed with the pastor)
  • music (agreed with the cantor)
  • planning the memorial gathering
  • venue and catering for memorial gathering
  • photograph of the departed, memorial table (picture, flowers, candles)
  • newspaper death notice, invitations to the funeral
  • wreath
  • flag at half-mast (notify talonmies)
  • after the funeral: probate (official inventory of the estate)
  • temporary cross for the grave, purchase of headstone
  • thank you letters (and/or newspaper acknowledgements)
  • contract for maintenance of the grave


  • purchase, decoration
  • choosing pallbearers (usually six male relatives or friends)


  • purchase
  • collection after cremation
  • burial of ashes: when, where, with whom?