The church and the European Union

Since Finland joined the European Union in 1995, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has been actively involved in discussions about its future.

The church seeks to maintain a dialogue with the EU and, on occasion, to influence decision making at a national and EU-wide level.

This work has a strongly ecumenical dimension. Under the Charta Oecumenica (2001), the churches declare their support for European integration and affirm the continent's Christian heritage as a source for both its inspiration and enrichment. With other European churches, the ELCF works for a humane and socially aware Europe charectarized by the upholding of human rights and the basic rights of peace, justice, freedom, tolerance, participation and solidarity.

The church’s vision for the European Union:

  • that the EU should operate with a consistent value-base in all areas of policy
  • that the EU develop into a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community, in which principles of authority are to the fore.
  • that its character as an open, interactive and democratice community be strengthened.