Parishes and Christian organisations offer a wide range of activities. Language may be a challenge, but don't be afraid to get involved – parishes will always try to accommodate you, and you'll be surprised by how quickly your Finnish improves!

Here are some examples of what's going on:

  • Bible study groups explore the scriptures, and give an opportunity to talk about life and to pray together. Prayer and Bible study groups are open to everyone.
  • The Alpha course is a practical introduction to the basics of Christian faith.
  • If you weren't confirmed as a teenager, adult confirmation classes allow you to get to know your parish and talk about life with the supervising pastor.
  • The "Catechumenate - adult faith" (Katekumenaatti-aikuinen usko) programme is a new initiative that helps small groups of adults reflect on faith and deepen their spiritual lives.
  • Retreats offer rest and meditation, allowing you to reflect on the direction of your life, and are organised by parishes and the "Friends of Silence" group (Hiljaisuuden ystävät ry).
  • You can make a pilgrimage both at home and abroad. 
Hand holding crosses.