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Equity investments

The equity investments of the Church Pension Fund are diversified globally to seven sub-portfolios: Finland, Europe, North America, Japan, emerging markets, global equities and private equity.

The Church Pension Fund's listed equity investments on 31.12.2021.

Finland 20%, Europe 18%, North America 18%, Japan 4%, Emerging markets 17%, Global 12%, and Private equity 11%.

Through its discretionary asset management mandates, the Fund makes direct equity investments in Finnish and, in part, in European equities. The Fund primarily uses mutual fund investments when investing outside of Europe. Of the mutual fund investments, some are made as passive index-replicating investments and some as active fund investments.

Annual returns for the listed equity investments 2014-2021*:

2014 12.1%, 2015 10.2%, 2016 10.2%, 2017 13.1%, 2018 -8.8%, 2019 29.4%, 2020 9.5%, and 2021 24.3%.

* Private equity investments are included in equity investments since 2020 (previously in alternative investments)