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Camps, trips and courses

There are camps and courses to suit every taste. If the course or camp that interests you isn't offered by your own parish, ask what's offered by your neighbouring parish or Christian organisations and institutes. 

Courses on offer include:

  • draftsmanship and watercolouring
  • genealogy
  • self-awareness
  • marriage
  • creative writing
  • plant dyeing
  • porcelain painting
  • drama and music
  • art from recycled materials
  • handicrafts

Logos Ministries of Finland organises hiking, canoeing and work camps offering a spiritual alternative. For nature lovers there are special wilderness and birdwatching camps.

Kalajoki Christian Institute offers vocal courses. Participants can opt for courses of one to four days' duration, and decide for themselves how many hours of instruction they want. The Institute's camp for pensioners offers presentations on gardening, coping with ageing, devotions, recitation and song sessions, pottery and trips to local sites of interest.

In addition to courses, many parishes organise excursions locally or further afield. Foreign travel and cruises are included in the programmes of a growing number of parishes.