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Church Institute for Research and Advanced Training will start January 2022

The Church Research Institute and The Institute for Advanced Training will merge 1 January 2022. The new unit is called Church Institute for Research and Advanced Training. These websites remain available to showcase the church's own research activities, and educational activities are presented on evl.fi/plus pagesThe link opens in a new tab (in Finnish).

In our research activities

  • We carry out research pertaining to the Church and religious life as well as various trends in society to support the decision-making and development of activities within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and its parishes. 
  • We gather useful information from external research for the Church and its activities.
  • We maintain contacts with universities and research institutes in Finland and abroad.
  • We award grants to researchers.
  • We conduct and draw up surveys and reports.
  • We provide support for the planning of Church activities.
  • We carry out publishing activities.