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The implementation of the climate change strategy

The goal of the Church Pension Fund is to consistently reduce the carbon footprint of its investment operations. The Church Pension Fund reports on the progress of its climate change work in an annual report on responsible investing.

The following table summarises the means and related indicators used by the Church Pension Fund to implement its climate change goals:

Tool Methods Indicators 
A. ESG analysis
  • We favour asset managers committed to ESG analyses.
  • Number of asset managers conducting ESG analyses.
B. Engagement
  • We continue to work with the CDP and other investor initiatives.
  • We encourage our asset managers to take climate risk into consideration and support the shift to a low-carbon economy.
  • We participate in climate dialogue with other investors, companies, organisations and authorities.
  • Number of climate initiatives and discussions.
C. Green investments 
  • We increase, in a diversified manner, the share of green investments.
  • Percentage of green investments in the overall portfolio.
D. Carbon reporting
  • We report annually on the progress of our carbon footprint and climate work.
  • We encourage asset managers to calculate and report the carbon footprint of investment funds and mandates.
  • Annual level of the absolute carbon footprint of equity investments.
E. Exclusions
  • We integrate the new criteria into our direct equity mandates.
  • We annually monitor the criteria used by our asset managers with the help of an ESG survey.
  • Excluded companies in mandate portfolios.
  • Number of funds using exclusion criteria
F. Low-carbon indices
  • We monitor the characteristics and pricing of low-carbon equity indices within the different markets.
  • Percentage of indices among passive equity investments.