Rules and regulations

1. Programme Entries

Programme entries are invited from all European national and international broadcasting organizations, regional broadcasting organizations and independent production companies. Entries must have been broadcast in Europe.


Programme entries will be accepted provided that:


  • The programme has been broadcast between April 16th 2014 and February 28th 2017 inclusive
  • Each individual programme entered is accompanied by the correct fee
  • There is no limit to the number of programmes that can be entered
  • Programmes that are intolerant or dismissive of another’s faith will not be accepted.


Final date for Programmes to be received and payment of entry fees is: Friday, March 24th 2017.


  • Entrants must fill in an online entry form that includes a resume in English, describing the programme contents.
  • If the programmes submitted for pre-selection are in a language other than English, they must be accompanied by a dialogue list or script in English.
  • For the pre-selection , participants must send, via the Festival site, their programme files in the format H264 HD more than 5Mbs or a professionnel format HD : Apple ProRes HQ or Avid DnXhD.
  • Programmes should be a maximum of 60 minutes in length. If the programme is longer than 30 minutes the producer may be asked to provide a shorter version for the public screening.
  • Entrants whose programmes are short-listed for screening in the competition may be asked to provide a copy in professional format : Apple ProRes 422 or Avid DnXhD, before Friday, May 26th 2017.

Programmes should be sent to:

CFRT / Festival SIGNIS-WACC, Technique /45 bis, rue de la Glacière / 75013 Paris / France.

  • Programmes chosen for screening in the Festival competition must have subtitles or dubbing in English – including English language programmes.
  • VHS cassettes and DVDs are not accepted.
  • Programme copies will be available for collection from the Festival administration at the end of the Festival. No copies will be returned via mail.

No responsibility will be taken for master copies of programmes submitted to the competition.

All postal costs, customs and insurance charges must be borne by the participating organization.



2. Selection Procedure

The Continuation Committee consists of representatives of the organizers, SIGNIS and WACC. It appoints a Pre-Selection Committee and an International Jury. Both of these shall abide by the Rules and Regulations of the competition.

The Pre-Selection Committee will shortlist the best programmes for screening in competition during the Festival.

Shortlisting will be according to strict criteria and these, along with the conditions, are set out under point 4 below.



3. Prizes

The International Jury will select the best programmes for Prizes from those in competition.


Jury Prize

Awarded by the International Jury, this prize will honour the film which has been judged best overall in competition.


Special Prize for Innovation

The Jury may award a special prize for the programme, which in the opinion of the Jury, has been the most innovative.


Audience Prize

At the conclusion of the screenings, each member of the audience will be invited to vote for the best film. The vote will be by secret ballot.


In addition to these prizes, the Jury reserves the right to award a special commendation to a film of its choice.



4. Pre-Selection Committee and Criteria

Pre-Selection Committee

The Pre-Selection Committee is appointed by, and responsible to, the Continuation Committee. The members shall be media professionals and in shortlisting programmes shall aim to reflect the diversity of Europe.


The Pre-Selection Committee shall be responsible for :

  • ensuring that entries accord with these Rules and Regulations.
  • viewing all entries in order to reach a shortlist for screening and judging within the Television Festival.
  • determining the running order for screenings at the Festival.
  • providing the Continuation Committee with a written report on its work, including reasons for rejecting entries. The Chairperson shall be available, if necessary, to answer queries from the Continuation Committee.

Entrants will be notified of the decision of the Pre-Selection Committee. The Committee’s decisions are final.


Pre-Selection Criteria

The Pre-Selection Committee will make a selection of programmes, taking into account criteria from the following list:

  • Initial impact
  • Message and content
  • Originality and innovation
  • Structure
  • Technical quality
  • Creative use of resources



5. International Jury

The Jury shall consist of three or five people, of which one shall represent SIGNIS and one WACC. The jury members shall come from different language areas and cultures. The members shall be media professionals.

Should a jury member have a professional link with any entry in the competition they must declare it and take no part in any discussion about or voting on that programme.

The Jury will elect its own Chairperson. All Jury decisions are final and shall be taken by simple majority vote.

A Secretary (without voting rights) shall be appointed to assist the Jury.