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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
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77.2 percent of Finns belong to the Lutheran church

Published 10.2.2012 at 12:45
Published by: Kirkon tiedotuskeskus

According to reviewed population statistics, 77.2 percent of Finns belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran Church on 31.12.2011. The number of members present in parishes was 4 170 748. In addition, the number of members living abroad, or absent members, was 182 604. The percentage does not include the members living abroad.

According to final data, 46 177 members separated from the church, while the corresponding amount for the previous year was 83 097.

Record numbers joined the church

A record number of people joined the church last year. The number of people who joined was 13 623, up from 13 284 in the previous year. Last year the total number of those separated is 32 554 when those who separated and those who joined are calculated together.

Parishes baptised 46 723 children in 2011. 77.9 percent of all children born were baptised. In 2010 the number of children baptised was 48 347.

In 2011 a total of 15 125 church marriages and 841 blessings were carried out. In blessings either groom or bride is not a member of the Christian church, but they had asked for a church blessing. Corresponding numbers for the year before are 16 618 and 866.

The revised information was compiled from parishes. Percentages are calculated based on advanced information from Statistics Finland. The information was revised using advance information from the Population Register Centre given on 29.12.2011.

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